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  • 24/7 Phone and Ticket Support
  • Service Provisioned Within Minutes
  • 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime with Service Level Agreement
  • 15-Day Money Back Guarantee

We've built our own management system from the ground up to give you the power you need to manage your servers. You've got full control over your managed VPS hosting 24/7. We're here to help when you need it. Check out our client area tour.

You won't find any underpowered, oversold containers here. We use full virtualization because it rocks: all of our VPS plans are powered by KVM, one of the best hypervisors on the market. We cut no corners in ensuring that you get the best performance possible.

If you're not happy with our service, just let us know within the first 15 days and we'll refund you. We're here to make you happy.

RAM Disk Transfer Connection vCPUs IPs Managed Price
Bestest Plan 100 MB 100 GB SSD 3120 TB 45040 Mbit/sec 1 1 IPv4 and 1 IPv6 $40.00/mo Get Started
Best Plan 100 MB 230 GB SSD 100 TB 500 Mbit/sec 3 1 IPv4 and 64 IPv6 $20.00/mo Get Started
RAM Disk Transfer Connection vCPUs IPs Managed Price
Editions Plans Price
Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS, 16.04 LTS All Plans FREE
Debian 8 All Plans FREE
CentOS 6, 7 All Plans FREE
Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2 200 Level Minimum $20/mo
Arch Linux 2015.11.01 Self-Managed Only FREE
Gentoo 2015.09.24 Self-Managed Only FREE
Slackware 14.1 Self-Managed Only FREE
FreeBSD 10.1 Self-Managed Only FREE

All servers are billed prorated. If you cancel a server, the time you've already paid for will be credited to your account; you can use that credit for other servers, or have it refunded. Pay only for what you actually use - to the minute.

Outbound transfer overages are billed at 10¢/GB at the end of a server's billing cycle. Inbound traffic is unmetered and doesn't count against your quota.

Backup overages are billed at 20¢/GB on the 1st of the month, based on your account's maximum backup usage for the previous month. Data is retained for the configured retention period even after a server is terminated and will be billed as an overage unless you request your data to be removed or remove it yourself.

We offer a 10% discount to students and faculty of higher educational institutions, as well as to registered non-profit organizations. Please contact us for more information.

If you sign up with a .edu email address, open a support ticket before confirming your server and we'll get your pricing adjusted. If you're a non-profit, you can also open a ticket with your proof of non-profit status before confirming your server and we'll get your price adjusted.

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